In 1983, two Scotsman from the McCracken Clan developed and planted an orchard of young macadamia seedlings and called it “Falkirk Farm”.

30 years later a young family visited that farm and fell in love with its vibrant trees and undulating landscapes. They purchased that farm and began their own journey to care, grow and establish Macadamias @ Falkirk Farm.

James and Aimee Thomas are both 5th generation farmers. Aimee is continuing her parents legacy who are also macadamia farmers. Together with their four boys Wilfred, Dewy, Mac and Harley, they live on Falkirk Farm and tend to their beautiful orchard with love and passion. They are committed to growing a sustainable whole food that is nutritionally dense, rich in flavor and available to all Australian families and travellers.

Their growing season begins in July/August when flowers blossom. Nutlets develop and grow until March/April when they mature and fall to the ground. This is when the harvest season begins and spans to July/August when the natural cycle begins again.

Macadamias @ Falkirk Farm believe macadamia nuts preserved in their original home are the most freshest and healthiest way to eat a macadamia. After being slowly roasted in their shell, all their flavor is released and preserved, to become a nut that is creamy and crunchy and of the freshest quality. All macadamia nuts in shell are hand sorted to ensure the finest quality, before being packaged and delivered to awaiting patrons. Macadamias are a fantastic snack and are used in many much-loved recipes. (See here for recipe ideas)

Macadamias @ Falkirk Farm sell direct to your door via the online shop.