How do I store my Nuts?
We recommend you store your nuts in a cool dry place. They can store in the cupboard or fridge and for extra preservation pop them into the freezer (we find they crack better for cooking if they are frozen).

We keep a cracker on our coffee table and always have a bowl of fresh macadamias sitting next to it. They will stay suitably fresh in this manner.

Where do your nuts come from?
All of our macadamia nuts are grown in our orchard. We pack them on our farm and are directly shipped from our farm so they are of the freshest quality.
Does the TJ Nutcracker come with any warranty?
All TJ Nutcrackers have a lifetime warranty. Just make sure you complete the form that comes with your cracker to ensure cover.
Do you sell macadamia kernel?
No – we believe the best way to eat our nuts are straight from their original home. We only sell nut in shell.